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Do you know when I first started loving you?


For school I had to make some silly magazine spreads. First time doing them so they are kinda crappy. but I had a lot of fun. :)


Tyrannosaurus Rex in London: Then and Now

introducing: babbuvengers

i know a dozen ppl were waiting for this but it remained a secret until now hawhawhaw :3

keep in mind they’re just tots so i didn’t want hulk to beat loki up, so the nature of their fight shifted to a lego battle



The Truth About The Nicest One

Michael Palin writes

Greetings and thanks from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom to all those of you who have taken trouble to leave messages and kind words on my 65th birthday. I was very touched. However the time has come for me to toss aside this thin veil of politeness and reveal myself as the miserable bastard I really am.

I suffer, as you know, from being referred to in some circles as the nice Python. I am extremely fed up with this handle. There are many Pythons nicer than me. Mother Teresa for instance. I know she’s not a real Python but she was always sending us jokes and it was Mother Teresa who stood bail for Graham Chapman when he was bitten in the back by a mad dwarf in a London night-club. You didn’t know that did you? Of course not, because it isn’t true. It’s a lie. And lying isn’t nice is it? But that’s the sort of person I am. I lie all the time. I also harbour strange and disturbing thoughts such as - if Mother Teresa had been in the Fish Slapping Dance instead of me would John Cleese have knocked her in the canal with a halibut? Of course not. On the day, John being a nicer Python than me would have found some excuse to avoid whacking Mother Teresa with a halibut.

"Hallo, Mother Teresa. I’m John Cleese. I’m playing the one who is supposed to knock you into the canal with an halibut…"

"Oh yez, you are my favourite. Your silly wanks skit is very good. You should one day write a series about a man who keeps a hotel and hits people who are Spanish."

"Well, that’s frightfully kind of you, I may do that Mother Teresa."

"I think hitting Spanish people is very funny…"

"Yes, well, super. Which actually brings me on to…"

"You are going to hit me today, I think…"

"Well, I’ve been thinking about it a bit and er… I don’t think it’s very funny after all. I think it would be better if I gave you an Award For Services To Humanity."

"No, hit me…"

"I’m afraid I have too much admiration for you, Mother… may I call you "Mother"?

"Hit me, you stupid sod. What are people going to think if I put on a pith helmet and do a silly little dance and flick you lightly round the ears with a pair of pilchards and then you give me an Award For Services To Humanity? Where’s the joke in that, dickhead?"

"It’s just that hitting an old lady is not a nice thing to do…"

"Oh, bollocks! If it were Terry Jones dressed as an old lady you’d knock him off the Eiffel Tower!"

"Look, I’m sorry you feel that way Mother, but…"

"You are a great disappointment to me, Mr. Cleese."

"Well, you’re a wonderful person and I’m not worthy.."

"Piss off you old tart. Get me that Michael Palin. He’d hit me with a halibut."

"I don’t think he would Mother. He’s the nice Python."

"Nice… him? He’s a right little bastard. I sent him a letter once asking to be President of Poppadums for Christ and he told me to go and jump in the Bay of Bengal."

Well, after reading gross and profane slanders like that who could possibly believe that I am the nice Python. In fact I’m thinking of invading Poland next week. And having myself tattooed. Oh, and I’m a Satanist. And I once lent Hillary Clinton money for a house…

Nice Python Update:

  • John Cleese - exceptionally nice
  • Eric Idle - voted “Nicest Man In His Part Of The World, 1957”
  • Terry Gilliam - Absolute sweetie
  • Graham Chapman - Heavenly
  • Terry Jones - Terminally nice
  • Michael Palin - Abominably rude, lying untrustworthy, decadent, hypocritical, cheese-eating delinquent from hell.

So there!

One day I’ll remember, remember everything that happened. The good, the bad. Those who survived… and those who did not.

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Anonymous asked:
about your tag about lack of poc in how to train your dragon, you do realize its set in a time when people don't really move far away from where they were born etc. i know it isn't very historically accurate but there is no reason anyone outside hiccups race will be there

That’s no reason to have a lack of poc. It has got dragons so its not very ‘historically accurate’ anyway. 

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If you ever feel like you’ve screwed up, just remember that in 1348 the Scots thought it would be a good idea to invade England because the English were weakened by the Plague. They subsequently caught the plague themselves, went back to Scotland, and killed half their own population.





the documentary about this whole thing is so good

i think i just read the saddest story ever???

A better love story than Twilight